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When I'm not working, teaching, or running after toddlers, I am traveling around the world to some place new. I have visited every continent minus Antarctica. My favorite stamp is a passport stamp! I am a native New Yorker...from Brooklyn...not the new, pretty Brooklyn. But, the Brooklyn from the crack epidemic era and pre-gentrification. Despite the social problems in the environment, growing up in Brooklyn was colorful and AMAZING! Having a huge OYO family also helped.  


I work for City University of New York (CUNY) and I love it! I am also part of the adjunct faculty at New York University (NYU) and Brooklyn College, CUNY. I teach courses about healthcare and developing research papers to undergraduate students. While I immensely enjoy instructing college students, I have no desire to enter a tenure-track faculty position. Rather, my long term goal is to obtain an executive-level position in higher education or in a healthcare policy organization. If I end up in a position that intersects those two areas, that would feel like a career jackpot for me and I would never retire. Seriously. 

My research interests explore the need for greater diversity in the public health workforce and its implications on reducing health disparities and achieving health equity. Specifically, I am interested in the recruitment, admission, enrollment, and graduation of Black and Latinx students in schools of public health. My other research interest concerns the impact of the glaring lack of racial diversity among PhD students, faculty and executive-level leadership in higher education. Particularly, R-1 Doctoral Universities!

In my non-academic life, I enjoy traveling around the world with my husband, Kevin. I have visited all of the continents minus Antarctica. I love to travel and I do not believe in visiting the same country twice. Kevin and I have two sons, Kenzo and Oluwale. While I only have 2 kids, I have a lot of (think of a bigger number) brothers and sisters. Yes, I know all of them and my father!

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