When I'm not studying, teaching or providing evaluation services, I am traveling around the world to some place new. I have visited every continent minus Antarctica. My favorite stamp is a passport stamp! I am a native New Yorker... from "old" Brooklyn, to be exact. 


I am a PhD student at The Graduate Center of City University of New York (CUNY). I earned a Bachelor of Arts in English, with Honors, with a double minor in Health Sciences and African American Studies from Brooklyn College, CUNY in 2004. Happy with my undergraduate experience, I elected to continue my graduate studies at CUNY. I completed a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree in 2006. Ten years later, I returned to CUNY to start my doctoral studies. The bulk of my professional experience is in the fields of research, evaluation and quality assurance. I absolutely love working in these fields and believe them to be an integral cornerstone to any agency! 

Generally, I like problem-solving and having a very busy schedule. That said, in addition to being a student, I am also a teacher. I am part of the adjunct faculty at New York University (NYU) and Brooklyn College where I teach courses about healthcare and developing research papers to undergraduate students. My own research interests intersect with the "minority-majority" demographic shift that is occurring in America. I have two main research interests. First, the problem of health disparities and its disproportionate burden on Blacks and Latinos. Second, the lack of racial diversity among college faculty/administrators and its implications on Black and Latino students who move (or don’t move) through the higher education pipeline. While I immensely enjoy instructing college students,  I have no desire to enter a tenure-track faculty position. Rather, my long term goal is to obtain an executive-level position in higher education or in a healthcare policy organization. If I end up in a position that intersects those two areas, that would feel like a career jackpot for me and I would never retire. 

In my non-academic life, I enjoy traveling around the world with my husband, Kevin (also a PhD student in Computer Science). I have visited all of the continents minus Antarctica. I love to travel and I do not believe in visiting the same country twice. About my name! My full legal name is Adashima Muhammad Oyo. When people ask me,  "Where are you from?" I tell them Brooklyn. Often times, they are not satisfied by that response. Then they ask me, "Where is your family from?"  I usually answer: "Do you mean before or after the slave trade?" The short of it is my father, Oba, is from New York City, and he converted to Islam at a very young age (during the 1960s or was it the 1950s?) and gave all of his 34 children (yes, I know all of my brothers and sisters!) African or Islamic names. I was raised in a Muslim, polygamous home in Brooklyn, NY. I never bothered to do those ancestry DNA tests. I'm content knowing my origins are from some place in Africa and that the OYO tribe in Brooklyn is quite large.